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Series One

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Shipping conditions

For any purchase, delivery of that purchase will be free to an address within our delivery area and shipped with the standard shipping service of our designated shipper...
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Setting Date and Time

Setting the date
  1. Pull the crown out to position 2.
  2. Turn the crown and set the day for the previous day.
Setting the time
  1. Pull the crown to position 3.
  2. Turn the crown to advance the time and continue until the day changes to the present day.
  3. Set the correct time.
  4. Push the crown back to postion 1.

Adjust the size of a metal strape

1. Lift up.
2. Slide to adjust the length of the strap.
3. Push back down to secure the clasp.

Changing the strap

1. Securely hold the end and locate the mechanism on the backside of the strap.
2. Slide to adjust the length of the strap.
3. To attach a new strap: Start with the pin located at the other side of the mechanism, place this pin first while tilting the strap. Next, slide the mechanism to the middle and place the other side.

Water Resistancy

All DUKUDU watches have a water resistancy of 5ATM. This means that it is suitable for everyday use, swimming or water related work. It is not suitable for diving, damages caused under these circumstances are not covered by the guarantee. Beware, leather straps and water don’t go well together.

The watch’s water resistance is not permanently guaranteed (please see the "guarantee" page). It is affected by the ageing of gaskets or deformation of watch parts due to accidental shock. To preserve a watch’s water resistance as long as possible, please follow the cautions below: